Oil Change in Renton, WA

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It’s well-known that changing the oil in a car is important to its continued good condition. Your owner’s manual will give you information on how often you need to change your oil, which is usually at the 3-month or 3,000-mile mark. Keeping your car running smoothly is its own reward, because timely maintenance can prevent costly repairs.

What many drivers don’t know is that oil is important for several reasons. The most obvious of these is engine lubrication – without this, the moving parts of your car’s engine will develop greater wear over time, and will break, crack, or deteriorate much more quickly than if you had kept the oil full and fresh. Oil also helps to clean the engine by washing away impurities as it flows. Detergents within your oil remove accumulated engine grime that can slow down or cause them to no longer fit together properly. In addition, oil is an engine coolant, drawing off much of the heat of the combustion engine. Metal parts accumulate heat rapidly, and can buckle or break if not cooled.

When your automobile hits the 3,000-mile mark since your last oil change, pay a visit to Good Neighbor Tire at Renton, where ASE-certified mechanics will drain and replace the oil for you. Stop by for all of your Renton, WA oil change needs! We look forward to seeing you soon.