Quality Auto Repair in Renton, WA

You’re Like Family!–Good Neighbor Tire & Auto Service

Our family just got bigger!

You’ll notice changes happening over the next few months as we transition to reflect our new membership in the Point S Tire and Auto Service family.

With a worldwide presence and 200+ shops nationwide, we are excited for this new chapter of our business. And for you, our valuable customers, you’ll be able to rely on the same great service from our same great team, plus extra benefits like more warranty options and exclusive promotions.

So stay tuned – we are so grateful to have you along with us on this journey!

Invest in Quality Road Transportation–Come to Good Neighbor Tire!

You drove your shiny, new (or pre-owned) vehicle off the dealer’s lot expecting it to have a long road-life; at least as long as you need it. Whether you’re the first, second, or third owner of your vehicle, it’s going to require a unique maintenance schedule that suits your driving habits. If you live or work in the Renton, WA area you are in excellent hands in one of Good Neighbor’s six auto repair service bays. We’re here to help you get back to your daily schedule behind the wheel of a fully-serviced vehicle. You have better things to do than hang out at our auto repair shop, so let us get you safely to your next activity!